New Single – Still Over There

My latest song and video release is a tribute song called “Still Over There” that I wrote with my longtime dear friend and Canadian Armed Forces Veteran, Major Steve Giberson. This song is in honour of the millions of brave and selfless souls from around the world throughout the decades both past and present that have selflessly sacrificed so much for us all and for our freedoms that we sometimes all to often take for granted.

This song is in honour of those that paid the ultimate sacrifice and never came back home to their loved ones. And for those that did come back home to their loved ones but are still over there mentally wounded and scarred still fighting their personal war after surviving war.

Lest We Forget.

Thanks to:

John Thiel of Horizon Music

Wendy Lumby

Joey Mcintyre

Darcy Johnstone

Don Jorgensen

MapleLeaf Lyrics aka “Steve Giberson”

Trevor Carter

Murry McCann

Tanis Vale

Tim Taylor

Murray Marshall

Trevor Uhl

Kent Griffiths

Mike Burton

And many more we will still be thanking for the gracious invite to be allowed to film this video in such a sacred sanctuary and place of peace honouring our fallen. It was truly, truly outstanding my friends, thank you, it was truly an honour on our part. Allan Reid, see what you started brother.